Friday, 29 July 2016

GONE by C.Allen

It's a whirlwind of a debut. A debut that takes my breath away. I'm talking about C.Allen's book "Gone." There's no prevaricating, no hesitation, this new writer is bold and handles his characters and narrative with an easy, engaging confidence.

His "protagonist is Serena; Serena is beautiful and bored with the mundanity of her life. An advertisement in a newspaper offering an enticing freedom away from the restraints and restrictions of life grabs her attention.

Of course, Serena answers the ad, arrangements are made, rules are dictated, which she manipulates to suit herself...she's feisty, assertive, she has to deal with the repercussions of her disobedience, but the rewards are great.

And as I am reading "Gone" I find myself wanting to know more about this intriguing new writer. This often happens with readers when a book is exceptional...I was also thinking about writing this review. C.Allen is writing quality erotica and writes from a female point of view. It's evocative, sensual stuff, stuff that as a woman I can relate to. Taste, scent, touch...the allure of erotic arousal. I was surprised to learn that C.Allen is a guy.

Perhaps this shouldn't matter, but my experience of reading an enormous amount of erotica, over the years, is that male writers rarely get it right when writing from a woman's point of view. The same can probably be said of women writing from a male's point of view. With the exception of Emily Bronte, writing about Heathcliffe, most of us cannot conceive of what goes on in our opposite gender's head.

C.Allen gets it exactly right. "Gone" is an erotic enterprise and will appeal both to the newcomer to erotica and to those readers, who are somewhat jaded with the same old stories.

And there is more to come. Serena's erotic adventures have only just begun.

And there is a real treat in store for you! C.Allen’s book is on free promotion this Saturday and Sunday…grab a copy while it’s going free!

“Gone” is at Amazon UK And Amazon US

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