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ENSLAVING ELI 5 star reviews from Mistress Angelica and her collared slave

Mistress Angelica and her collared slave come to my blog this week; both have written splendid reviews of my Fem/Dom novella Enslaving Eli. Here is Mistress Angelica’s review – she is innovative and writes from the point of view of Jasmine, Eli’s dead Mistress.

I look down at him. His clothes are moist from the freshly dug damp earth that he has laid upon. His fight with the red hot tears that constantly fill his eyes is lost and they fall over his cheeks and into the ground where I lie. When I say, ‘Where I lie,’ I mean my shell of a body lies, encased in solid oak, in the ground but my spirit (I) am flying; as I always said I would do. I wish I could tell you how right I had been about that! I can feel your tension, the rage, the fear, the pain; our souls are still connected, they always will be.

Your sobs are harsh and every ounce of me needs to touch you, to comfort you somehow, but I can’t because I am dead. Instead I watch you pummel the earth, heave the contents from your stomach, sob and stumble through your shattered life. I’d tried to stroke your cheek last night as you had drifted off into an exhausted slumber. Your eyes had twitched; I hope you’d felt me as I want to ease the pain I have caused in leaving you. I had thought back to all of the physical pain you had endured for me, all of the training. I had felt like I was preparing you fully for what was to come next. However, the thing I did not prepare you for was not having me there to guide you, instruct you, lead you or simply be there for you and now you are drowning in grief. I see this as a mistake on my part. Perhaps I should have shared you? Perhaps I should have loosened our connection instead of encouraged it? But I couldn’t have done either any differently because I love you.

Slowly, over time, I watch you heal. I watch you smile again. I am proud of you, my slave, for finding the path out of hell. I watch you begin to notice again and the softer emotions that have been hiding in fear from the harshness of grief begin to bloom once more. I watch you move forward and all the time I watch you I am aware of the brand you wear, my brand, and I know we will always be connected.

The first chapter of your book ‘Enslaving Eli’ reduced me to tears. I began to think of how I would feel in the Domme’s shoes, if she could still see Eli. In all honesty I was imagining what it would be like to see my personal servant in that predicament. I know that if I had the ability to see him I would be torn to shreds, only being able to watch and not to mend, heal or help in anyway, the complete opposite of what a Mistress does in life, is one of the most torturous things I can imagine.
Your book captured me unlike any other ‘erotica’ I’ve read (and I’ve read quite a lot!) Thank you.

And here is Mistress Angelica’s collared slave’s review of my novella, Enslaving Eli, in which he reveals, a deeply personal account, the nature of submission.

Depending on your definition of "eroticism", this book is certainly that, but more than that is needed to make a book interesting, and "Enslaving Eli" is interesting.
This is a lovely story, short but with breadth. I love the idea of the Coterie, and the connection with Greek mythology; together they provide additional interest and background to the story, and perhaps even the reason, why? I read the book in one sitting, eager to reach the conclusion, which was completely unexpected, a wonderful "twist". The totality of the ending, his total acceptance, is profound.
Eli, the submissive, is clearly a fine specimen of a male, with exceptional "staying power". Personally I cannot relate to that, although I can believe it. However, his inexplicable desires to belong, to be used, to serve, to please, are things that most submissives would relate to, with or without the sexual connotations. These can be the things that drive the submissive, almost to obsession. That such feelings exist are undeniable and cannot be dismissed. I would imagine that most readers of this book would have an open enough mind to accept that, and perhaps take the time to ponder, why? I don`t know the answer to that question, and you won`t find the answer in this book, but exist they do.
Jasmine, the dominant female, provides the perfect match, cruel but caring, dismissive but loving, a product of the Coterie but with a rebellious streak. She doesn`t cajole Eli into enslavement, but simply allows him to spiral in; you cannot force submission, you have to allow the submissive to give it.
In conclusion, a very interesting and worthwhile read, good description and detail, good storyline, a range of emotions, and a great ending.

Enslaving Eli is available as an eread and in paperback at Amazon UK  and Amazon US 

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