Friday, 21 August 2015

Orgasm and the Enlightened Mind by A. Aimee

An excerpt from "Good Pussy Bad Pussy in Captivity"

We were sitting on his couch in front of the crackling fire and Anton was explaining to me, “According to Buddhist philosophy, there are three moments when it is particularly easy to attain, or at least get a glimpse of, the enlightened mind – and that is when we sneeze, have an orgasm, and at the moment of death.”

“Really!” I exclaimed, surprised that orgasm could have anything to do with enlightenment. “When we have orgasm?”

“Yes,” he replied, “or at least that’s what the Buddhists say. They say it is because when we have an orgasm, we experience the complete release of all thought processes, at least for a moment. And this gives us a chance to experience what they call the Clear Light of Rigpa, which is our original nature.


“Yes, and by that they mean the field of pure consciousness, which is our true nature… The highly trained practitioner is able to consciously experience this when he or she goes beyond the thought processes, beyond thought or thinking… “
He paused and the fire crackled and leaped before us.
“And the connection to orgasm?” I asked.

“Well, just think about what happens when you have a really good orgasm…” he replied softly. “It’s like everything is gone – just blown away… forgotten… and all you feel is this incredible bliss. There is nothing else… the whole world has disappeared… everything… every thought, every worry, every care is completely gone… at least for a moment or two… or maybe even three… if you’re lucky.”

He was so right.
Everything disappears when you have a good orgasm…

I sighed and giggled softly at his words… and when I did, he said gently, “Rachel, will you let me tie you up and make love to you?”

His words really caught me by surprise, considering what we were just talking about.
“What?” I gasped, feeling chills run up and down my spine.
“Will you let me tie you up and make love to you?”

His voice was husky in that special way and even though he wasn’t looking at me, I felt the intensity of his desire.

Tie me up and make love to me?
I felt my whole system reacting with shock.

The restful calm was broken; I just couldn’t get my head around what he just said.
His hands had already found my breasts and I was sighing softly at his touch.
“May I,” he said again, insisting that I answer. “I need to know because I need to see you like that, Rachel.”

I trembled at the intensity of his words. There was just something about the way he said it that made me shiver all over. It was like we were suddenly entering another realm, another energy field. I had the feeling that if I let him, he would take me to a place I’d never been to before – that was how intense he was.

“You know you can trust me. I would never do anything to hurt you.”

I trembled at the thought of being wholly in his power, at his mercy.
He had unfastened my bra and was pinching my nipples with just enough pressure to make me want more… much, much more.

“Will you let me, Rachel? Will you?”

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  1. Hi Aimee! I have read this enlightened orgasm thing! Cool! I, personally, am not into the bondage stuff—but if two consenting adults are having fun and not hurting anyone—what could be wrong with that!
    I thought you might enjoy this from my book Fearless Puppy On American Road. It is a sex, drug, rock n roll travel adventure with heavy Buddhist over and under tones throughout.
    John Lennon sang, “Woman is the nigger of the world.” No statement in history holds more truth. The female of our species has been forced to endure second-class status in nearly every culture that has ever existed on Earth. “Cinderella, Cinderella, clean the attic, clean the cellar,” do the dishes, cook the food, get me a beer, and fetch the water from the well. Birth the baby in the field and keep picking the crops while you’re feeding it. Take this dictation but first go get me some coffee and don’t forget to pick up my dry cleaning later. I’ll need you for overtime. No extra pay. And, of course, give me a blowjob.
    I’m not going to be a party to any of this shit (except the blowjobs) and to prove it, my effort is to always satisfy my playmates first and in as thorough and conscientious a manner as possible. Long slow full-tongued licks gradually working up and down the inside of the thighs, lightly sucking each labia in turn and then both into my mouth while the never ending tongue work continues, gently consuming the clit in a mock swallow that gives exposure to the area of maximum sensitivity—no rush. There’s something incredibly satisfying to me about the whole experience, but the continuing is the part that’s almost as ecstatic for me as it is for my partner.
    What is the continuing, you ask? You really should already know this, but I’ll tell you.
    After the first orgasm, the back arch and squeal, the heat, wetness, and satisfied shudder—there’s usually a pause and a pull-away. I stop for a few seconds during this pause as if finished, but it is only a ploy. I return quickly to that sweet spot with a continuing of the gentle furious flurry of rapid tongue movement that caused the first orgasm. Clasping my arms around my lover’s waist prevents her escape until well into the fourth or fifth orgasm. It’s deemed unsafe to continue further only after hearing, “Stop. I’m going to die. I can’t breathe.”
    When someone who’s been openhearted enough to share her body with me has been fully, deeply, and thoroughly satisfied, it feels good to me too— and my next blowjob from her is incredible.
    But I digress.