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“The Museum of Deviant Desires,” from the writer Fulani, is one of those books that stays with you and it’s a book that you will read again and again. The erotica genre has produced some great stuff from talented writers, it has also given us some appallingly bad stuff too -- and I’m not just talking about 50 Shades. We’ve all read erotica that just “doesn’t do it” for us -- that’s not what I’m talking about here. Whether or not a book, or a story turns us on, is purely subjective and down to personal taste. But there is no reason why the erotica reader should not expect carefully crafted tales from writers whose use of language, show that they have a love of language and a wide ranging vocabulary. Fulani’s style of writing is both sophisticated and accessible. Here are his reviews, taken from

"What I need" the narrator of Fulani's "Burnout" tells us, "is some startling image that comes from nowhere and burns itself into my brain, my desires, causes instant addiction. What I need is a new mythos of erotica. . ."

I love the way this guy thinks!

Fulani is one of that rare, as yet officially unclassified species of erotic writer, the "meta-sexual;" a delightfully self-referential species noted for its uncanny ability to pleasure open-minded readers with intense multiple "brain-gasms." And there are many to be enjoyed in this collection of short BDSM-centered fiction, informed by everything from Roland Barthes and Stanislaw Lem to Nu Fetish, industrial bondage; flash fiction and on-line piracy; underground music festivals, and those pulpy sexploitation magazines of the 50s and 60s with their lurid cover paintings and thick black "censor bars" redacting all the naughty bits in the grainy photos accompanying the articles.

The eleven very-short stories in this collection are sexy and cerebral; breezy, thought-provoking, laugh-out-loud funny and utterly addictive. Like a big heaping bowl of literary-erotic Lucky Charms; you can't get enough. The multi-coloured marshmallow shapes are irresistibly delicious, but the oat-cereal part is actually good for you--who knew? Fulani strikes just the right balance between light fluffy diversion and crunchy intellectual substance, letting his horny inner nerd come out to play the most scintillatingly kinky games; whimsically creating new words and worlds even as he establishes fascinating new paradigms for the next generation of erotic fiction.

There's beauty here, however unexpected; the language can be lyrical even as it educes degradation and pain; the poetry of domination and submission set amid dystopian landscapes of industrial decay and urban blight. We wonder if this is what sex will be like in the future. But as the narrator of "Something Different" reminds us;

"Once you know it consciously, it's impossible not to see how the whole of society, economy, psychology is a dense network of sexual signifiers."

It's true. Fulani's stories draw their inspiration from an astonishingly diverse cosmos of commonplace artefacts; vacuum cleaners, toasters, plumbing supplies, burned out autos, melted plastic forms, all weirdly apt when turned to the author's singularly amusing purpose.

Entertaining, sexy, hilarious, often self-effacing, "The Museum of Deviant Desires" is a trenchant critique of contemporary erotic literature with its finger firmly on the g-spot of popular culture; a tasty treat, not to be missed.

By Terrance Aldon Shaw "Writer/Composer"

It's no secret that I love Fulani's stuff! And his latest offering, "The Museum of Deviant Desires" is a not so gentle reminder of why I follow this enigmatic and compelling writer.

The Museum of Deviant Desires is both a novel and a collection of stories. Each chapter can be read independently, or as a continuing narrative. What we read is brutal, compelling; but we have to continue reading. Fulani lifts the corner of the curtain into a world of bdsm that is sometimes shocking and sometimes amusing. The stories are engaging and move from point of view of submissive to Dominant and back again.

It's a haunting step into a little known world; that of the Dominant and his or her submissive. It is an intensely private world. We read about how the submissive is controlled, whipped, beaten, humiliated, isolated. It's the sort of treatment that human rights organisations campaign against. Yet the submissives in The Museum of Deviant Desires, submit to their Dominants willingly; with love and humility.

In so many of these types of tales, you come away with the feeling that the two protagonists don't even like each other, yet alone love each other. Yet I read about love in Fulani's pages; real devotion and caring; Fulani's words are far more powerful than any sonnet.

It isn't something as crude as who exactly is "getting off" here. Yes there are pheromones and there is the powerful rush of endorphins. But what Fulani gives the reader through his words, is something akin to the spiritual; for both Dominant and submissive it is an act of real devotion. It's making love in the truest sense. Giving and receiving. A gift of the self.

I came away from the Museum of Deviant Desires feeling envious. I have never experienced that kind of love. There's fidelity here and integrity too. And something more, something that I can't quite put my finger on; something elusive that cannot be captured.

Fulani's book is not for the fainthearted. But it is a still a love story and like all love stories it speaks its own language. It's not a language of hearts and flowers -- nothing so common place. It's a love that is deeply profound and enduring.

I think that The Museum of Deviant Desires is a brave book. As writers, we bleed out and give a little of ourselves away each time we tell a story. We are also incredible thieves and liars. So where is Fulani, the writer in all of this? I don't know and it doesn't matter.

Read Fulani's book and enjoy; be entertained and amused and yes, be shocked. I have a feeling that the tales here will stay with me for a very long time; The Museum of Deviant Desires is an essential read for any lover of erotica.

By billierosie

This is a set of wonderfully written, diverse stories of sex, bondage and domination. Each story gives the reader something new. A new setting, a new viewpoint and each story is fabulously sexy. The first story 'Poppy Seeks Pain' was my personal favourite - a great tale of the start of a master/slave relationship. Some of the stories were amusing, quirky and just down-right hot. The little glimpses into the world of anticipation were beautifully written and the final tale, a story of book piracy, was humorous little twist and a great way to end. This is erotica with brains.

By A.Roberts

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  1. Thank you for this - I'm pleased you enjoyed it! Maybe another similar collection next year...

  2. More from you! I look forward to it with delighted anticipation!

  3. The free story is hot stuff! I wonder if your motive for writing a foot-fetish story was similar to mine.
    I wrote one as a challenge, since I don't share the fetish. Apparently it pleased 2 editors because it got published in a collection devoted to feet & shoes. :)