Monday, 28 November 2011


Finally! It’s here! Pirate Booty is out! An outrageous anthology of erotic pirate tales -- with a heavy emphasis on erotica! Sexy sexy sexy -- dip into this superb extravaganza -- buy it for your nearest and dearest, or in true pirate fashion, steal it for yourself! There’s all kinds of yardarms here from Zander Vyne, Jude Mason, Theda Hudson, Catherine Lundoff, PM White, Joe Vadalma, Wade Heaton, Jay Lawrence And Harry Neptune, RV Raiment, Karen Taylor, and Blake C. Aarens - and little old me, Billierosie. I’ve got such a silly grin on my face, you’d think I’d won the Nobel prize for literature! But I’m proud to be included in this book, and it’s edited by the wonderful M.Christian -- a guy you can’t go wrong with!

Pirates are hot, with twisted passions and lusty, rough, sweet kisses. It’s all here, your Christmastime reading of historical pirates, contemporary pirates and space-faring privateers, plus a hot dip into BDSM to tingle your erotic taste buds. We’ve waited a long time for an anthology of this calibre -- I promise you, you won’t be disappointed.

It’s out right now at Sizzler Edititions -- at Amazon, probably later this week.


  1. YO HO HO! Glad that you are in the book, sweetie -- with a FANTASTIC story!

  2. Thanks Chris for choosing it -- and Patrick, I hope you enjoy my story -- it was fun to write! And I can't wait to read your story either -- an intriguing title!

    Really -- if you hadn't guessed -- I'm VERY excited!

  3. Eep! It's out!? No one told me. Sigh.

    Congrats everyone. I too am looking forward to reading everyone else's stories and hope mine entertains a few of you.


  4. Jude -- your stories are always great!