Tuesday, 6 July 2010


That's how Clair promotes the brothel that she ran from her pretty, village home.

Go Claire!!

Claire ran a brothel but won a court case fighting for rights for prostitutes.
In November 2008, forty nine year old mother of two Claire Finch was arrested and charged with running a brothel from her home.

Despite the overwhelming evidence against her, she fought and won her case in April this year at Luton Crown Court to highlight the need for prostitutes to have a safe environment by working in the same premises as other women.

Claire is now campaigning to get the law changed and joins us along with her daughter Holly, 25, who supports her mums campaign.

A statement from the Home Office reads: "This Government is committed to protecting those involved in prostitution and giving them access to routes out. There are clear benefits of multi-agency working towards a clear aim of eradicating prostitution by supporting those involved in prostitution while tackling those that contribute to the demand for prostitution."

A statement from the Crown Prosecution Service reads: "The CPS takes cases involving sexual offences very seriously. The jury heard both the prosecution and defence case and decided to acquit Ms Finch and we respect its decision. This case does not create a precedent as each case is considered on its own merits and facts. The CPS will prosecute these types of cases when we have sufficient evidence and it is in the public interest."

Featured today; 6th July, on ITV1, THIS MORNING


  1. Yes, and when men stop seeking the company of prostitutes we'll ring bells or something. Jeeze!

    Good one, billie!

  2. Excellent! I don't use the word myself - just sounds too ... harsh :-)