Tuesday, 2 February 2010

Leonard Cohen - The Future (Official Music Video)

My friends in the UK will know about the recent case of the 2 kids, torturing 2 other kids. Horrific -- reminded me of Leonard Cohen's great poetry...


  1. Man, I wish they hadn't bleeped out "crack" and "anal sex". You shouldn't be allowed to eviscerate poetry like that. But still a stunning piece of work.

  2. "Give me back the Berlin Wall,
    Give me Stalin and St Paul."

    What an utterly chilling line.

  3. It's also the contrast between Leonard growling out the lines and the boppy, girlie singers.

    "When they said, repent, repent, I wondered what they meant."

    It's like the future that he sees, doesn't even understand the concept of sorrow.

    Unless it's sorrow that there's "no-one left to torture." (Shudder)