Friday, 5 June 2015

THE BEAST IN ME by billierosie

My new book is out! The Beast in Me! "Fucking hot & surprisingly sweet!" "Dangerous; sweet, conflicted!" "Pushes the boundaries of Decency!" "I was scared to keep reading!" "Nauseatingly depraved! Wicked!" "Depravity and true love; a potent cocktail!" "True love exceeds the depravity!" "Exquisitely, utterly depraved!" "Fucking hot! What have you done to me?"

Check out this cool review from Rebecca at Goodreads!

It's hard to write a review and say how much you enjoyed a story when it is a very taboo subject. Billierosie is a superb writer and this makes her stories well worth reading. She takes you on a journey with this couple Daisy and Noah who try to fight their twisted desires but who ultimately agree to help each other take the final step. Thus breaking the law in more ways than one. Lets be clear here this isn't some romance that will make you swoon. If you are easily offended DO NOT READ THIS! This is a dark taboo story. But if you like the dark/wrong side then I highly recommend this author and her work. Superb!

Our sexual proclivities are an enigma. We have them, we know that they are there; we hide them, we keep them secret – sometimes we act on them. We cannot talk about them – no one would understand. We feel heated shame. We block feeling, turn away from feeling; we do anything not to feel.

We crush the horror of the terrible deed that the little voice inside our head bids us do.

Freud tells us that repressing feeling will amount to neurosis – Jung says pretty much the same – the repressed will bubble to the surface in one way or another – it will find a way out.

It will find its voice and it will demand to be heard.

The two stories presented here delve into the idea of ‘what happens next?’ What do you do – where do you go, after crashing and smashing your way through the final taboo?

A Queen, her depravity told through the millennia. The god is offended; know your place. Snap your fingers in the face of the god at your peril.

Homer tells her story – Pasiphae the unnatural; the King, her husband, made a cuckold. Men snigger about the royal couple – even now, centuries later. What she did, her shame exposed to all, when she gave birth to a monster.

If you know Homer’s story about the Minotaur, you will know that the Monster is proof that Queen Pasiphae was indeed guilty of a terrible perversion.
And my own tale “The Beast in Me;” the taboo ever present in Daisy and Noah.

They are lovers, besotted with each other; besotted with a terrible secret.

They break man’s law and God’s law too.

Sensitive readers should be cautious, especially if easily offended.

The Beast in Me is available for Kindle and Audible at Amazon US and Amazon UK


  1. Congratulations! Erotic retellings of Greek myths seem like a current trend. I look forward to reading yours.

    1. Thanks Jean..They are stories that I came to early in my life..and they resonate still..told and retold over the millennia..they have relevance Freud and his reading of the Oedipus myth..

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