Monday, 4 August 2014


A Debut Erotica by Christina Harding!

A real treat for you this week! The writer Christina Harding has ventured into my favourite genre! Erotica! Read about Christina's cool book here and it's a free download from Smashwords until this Friday 8th August! Right after I've finished this post I'm heading on over to Smashwords to get my freebie! Over to Christina!

I am proud to announce my debut erotic novelette - Underneath the Gargoyle!! After reading and reviewing much erotica, I decided to try my hand at writing it myself. This project has been secretly in the works for a while now, and I can't be more excited to finally share it with you!

Paranormal BDSM

Trisha is a Catholic choir member and believes nobody knows the extent of her promiscuity. Little does she know the gargoyles are watching her.

"Every time I walk into my church, I get the creepy feeling that the gargoyles are watching
me. The church is on top of a hill overlooking our small town. And the gargoyles have been
perched up on the roof, surveying us for centuries. This afternoon I have choir practice, and I
stare down the gargoyles as I enter the church, per my standard procedure. They don’t scare me
no matter how menacing they look, and I’m letting them know it."

Advance Praise:
"This was fun to read -- clever and sexy and laugh-out-loud funny."

Release Special:

Limited time offer! Download Underneath the Gargoyle for FREE from Smashwords! Use coupon code CV38M at checkout. Act soon - the coupon expires on August 8! If you download it for free and you enjoy what you read, I would like to ask that you please write a review on your favorite retailer.

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And it's coming very soon to more retailers!

Readers can also purchase Underneath the Gargoyle directly from me via paypal for $0.99 in these formats:EPUB: MOBI/Kindle: PDF:

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  1. Thank you so much for sharing the news about my debut erotica on your blog!