Friday, 11 January 2013


Paul Thomas is a fellow tweeter. That is all I know about him. I don’t know where to find him on the planet other than in the Twitter archives.

 Like a lot of artists, Paul is elusive; an enigma. He is also a great photographer and I am delighted to share with you Paul’s wildly erotic pictures.

So it is from Twitter that I have got to know Paul’s work. Weeks will go by and nothing. Then he will post a couple of pictures; he teases and titillates!  Then again, for a while, there will be nothing at all.

Others post their pictures, usually with a “that’s what I call sexy” tweet. I tweet sarcastically -- “not sexy! Where’s Paul Thomas when you need him?” Then Paul will surprise me, maybe posting 5 or 6 erotic photographs. Bliss!

Whenever Paul posts a picture, I re-tweet it. Then I began playing with the idea of running a blog post featuring his work. So I asked his permission: I posted a tweet into the void. “I’d love to run a blog post about your stuff!”

 Like any reclusive artist, he ignores me. I persist -- still nothing. “Are you listening Paul Thomas?” Then finally, “Yes pse run a blog post hugs!”

Paul’s erotica inspires my own erotic stories; the images ooze sensuality. There are any number of narratives to be discoved. Beautiful women in bondage; tied, gagged, blindfolded -- and acquiescing.

 Paul deconstructs the female image, sometimes just a slender ankle, the foot in impossibly high heeled shoes.

 At other times the woman confronts the viewer; she stares back at us, challenging us. Judge her if you dare. This is the position she has chosen, and her choice is a decision born of the intellect. And she gives pleasure; the pleasure is all for the viewer.

Through his pictures Paul celebrates the female form.

As I say, I don’t know which country, or continent to begin searching for Paul Thomas. I don’t even know if Paul Thomas is his real name.

 But I will say no more -- I offer no commentary. The viewer doesn’t need to be guided. I’ll let Paul’s erotica speak for itself.

To see more of Paul’s incredible body of work -- erotica and otherwise, click here.



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  2. Deliciously sensual.