Wednesday, 21 April 2010


Alex Severn sent me this great story that he wrote "ages ago" Previously published in Forum UK.

I was never going to refuse an offer like this, was I?

A chance to see my oldest friend in her apartment in the South of France, an opportunity to get away from all the work pressures and deadlines, just for a few days.

So there we were, stretched out on the sunloungers, between the glass panelled doors and the edge of the gardens. Knowing that they were communal, that they didn’t belong to Mandy alone didn’t even diminish my feelings of luxury and decadence.

We’d had too much wine, looking back I should have realised that, but it was hot and steamy and we were catching up on our shared past………….It was Mandy that wouldn’t let the subject drop and if I’d been sober, I would have been really sharp with her, told her not to push it but if you can’t share a secret with a friend as good as Mandy, well…………..

So, I admitted that, yes, I did like to touch myself sometimes, I loved to feel my own pleasure, let my fingers play between my lips, make myself come. I didn’t do it a lot, well, maybe a couple of times a week, and I was relieved when she said it was more like three or four times for her. I suppose I was reluctant to admit it because it almost seemed like it was an admission that I had to please myself because I couldn’t get a man to do it for me, but if you saw Mandy you’d understand when I say that if a woman built like that needed to do it, who doesn’t?

She looked even better now that when we were at school and she was every schoolboy’s fantasy then. She has this thick jet black hair, big, soft brown eyes and the body! Her boobs are full and firm, her stomach still flat and the recently acquired jewel in her navel seemed to be pointing to the spot where all our male classmates would have died to explore. This day, she was wearing a very brief lime green bikini and I couldn’t help but notice a few black, tight curly hairs peeking out from the strip of fabric that passed for a thong. I remembered being half way between embarrassed and fascinated by the pin - up mags that one of the boys would leave around sometimes. After all, it was seeing that one magazine with the blonde with her legs splayed apart, whilst the eager young man knelt before her, his mouth fastened onto her pussy lips that reassured me that my desire for a man to explore me in the same way was nothing unusual.

When we heard French voices, Mandy dragged me into her apartment, a bit too roughly I felt. What was the problem, we were sunbathing with our bikinis on, so what if we were seen by anybody else coming into the garden?

When we were the other side of the glass doors, I saw the owners of the voices.

A young couple, no more than teenagers, I guessed. She was as typically French as you could get, not unlike a teenage Mandy, maybe not quite as well endowed up top, but with full lips and that strong, black hair. Chic and classy looking, she was wearing a light summer dress and floppy sandals but her companion was something worth seeing. Fairer than most of his compatriots, he was lean but his upper body was well muscled and tanned. In the heat, I could see beads of sweat forming on his chest, which was naked. He had on a pair of silly baggy shorts, but they made me want to see him without them, the view I had made me feel he would have an athlete’s body. Stop it, Deb, I told myself, you must be 15 years older than him. Laughing and chattering, he suddenly grabbed his partner and wrapping his arms around her, began to kiss her tenderly but powerfully, and she was only too happy to co-operate.
Cute though he was, a feeling of embarrassment swept over me and I said to Mandy

“ Let’s pull those curtains across, we don’t want to be accused of being a couple of peeping toms”

Mandy laughed.

“We can see them but they can’t see us, the glass is tinted like that. This is a regular thing for them, the boy is paid to keep the gardens in shape and this is his little helper, sort of . Believe me, it’s a show worth catching”.

“You mean you’ve watched them snogging before”? I was as amazed as I was indignant, to think that my Mandy got her kicks by spying on young lovers………

But as I opened my mouth to protest, I saw the boy practically rip her light dress off to reveal that that was all she had been wearing. We must have been only a few yards from them, behind our safety barrier, and I could plainly see her nipples harden, her back arched towards him as they both stood there. He put his hand on her shoulder and guided her to a kneeling position, and then eased himself to the same level. I watched, hardly breathing as he took her right nipple in his eager mouth and then let his left hand glide between her legs, stroking and coaxing her. Her pussy was completely shaved and I could see her lips opening at his prompting. Her mouth dropped open in a gasp of pleasure but she found the strength to break away and gesture him back to his feet. Still holding my breath even though I knew they couldn’t hear or see me, I thrilled to see her pull down those shorts to free a massive erection, jutting towards her mouth. This was wrong, every bit of me cried out, I should be turning away, leaving them to enjoy their own privacy, I must persuade Mandy to stop watching as well, I turned to her and………….

Mandy had taken her lime green bikini top off and was feverishly massaging her huge nipples with eager fingers. My head switched from the two scenes like two sides of a tennis match, I saw the girl now with his cock deep inside her mouth, sucking, licking, God knows, maybe even biting him whilst his faced showed just what ecstasy he was going through. Briefly, she pulled her mouth away and I saw her tongue glistening with his juices and with a wave of pure undiluted lust, I witnessed just how big his shaft was. As she grasped his tight, brown balls in one hand, she ran her tongue up an down his lengthy, teasing him a little before swallowing him again and right then, I would have given anything, done anything to have him inside me, pushing me open and exploring me with his cock. My head jerked back to Mandy who was sweating and panting now. She groaned with excitement and I automatically turned to see the girl outside now positioned on all fours, her pert bum tilted upwards ready for what she so desperately wanted. As he knelt down behind her, his rock hard cock jiggled against the cheeks of her bum, and I felt the wetness between my legs start to flow. But as I turned back to Mandy, to protest at least a little that we shouldn’t be giving in to this temptation, I saw a sight that made me shiver all over.

Mandy had sat back onto a huge wicker chair, now completely naked. Her fingers were frantically rubbing her clitoris, her lips were swollen, almost bloated, even from where I was I could see the folds of her labia contracting and expanding. I felt a surge of desire and longing coursing through my own pussy. She licked her fingers and tasted her own flowing juices, my head was spinning and I turned again to see the French girl now riding on top of the boy. Jiggling up and down on his shaft, she began to finger herself at the entrance to her mound of pleasure, sometimes catching his thrusting cock as she did so, which just heightened the feverish pleasure that was sweeping over both of them. He was getting even bigger and looked even harder, Christ I wanted to feel that thick bulging shaft between my legs and I felt my fingers move to where I wanted him to be but then I felt something else.

Mandy had moved behind me and I felt her ease off my top and discard it roughly.

“Mandy, what the hell…..”

I felt her fingers massage my nipples but I didn’t want this, I never wanted a woman to touch me like this, I…

Then, oh God, I felt her damp lips flat against the fabric of my bikini bottom, but I didn’t feel it for long as Mandy slipped it off me and brought her long fingers up to my by now gaping open lips. Still transfixed by the girl sliding up an down the boy’s still hard pole, I heard Mandy whisper in my ear

“Nice to have someone else play with you, isn’t it?”

She had two fingers inside my opening and I felt my juices oozing onto her fingers but what made me want to scream, beg for more was the other finger rolling the hard nub of my clitoris around, squeezing and teasing, whilst her other hand had turned my nipples to bullets. I fell forward, waves of orgasmic pleasure shooting through my pussy, and as I moved my head back upwards, I felt my pleasure shiver and tremble like never before. My eyes were closed now and suddenly the feel of her fingers had gone but when I opened them I was rewarded by the sight of Mandy sat in front of me, her legs wide open, her thick bush glisteningly damp. I knew what she wanted and I wanted to give it to her. I dived forward, my mouth fastening onto that gaping velvet opening. She jacknifed with pleasure as I devoured her lips and ran my tongue around every inch from her tangled hair to her soaked lips. I wanted to explore every inch, every luscious fold of her luxurious pussy. Her long legs circled my neck and I knew she wouldn’t release me until she had got every ounce of satisfaction from me. Just as I felt I was about to drown in her hot juices, she came, gloriously and violently and she eased my mouth away, panting for breath. At the same moment, we both glanced outside, to see that the couple had gone.

Mandy smiled at me.

“They come here every day. Nice to see a young couple so uninhibited, isn’t it. Then again, it’s nice to se that you’ve lost some of your inhibitions, too, Deb.”

And as the words were out of her mouth, my nipples went into them, and as I felt her fingers start to probe my wetness again, and my lips begin to melt with anticipation for her, silently begging for more, I knew the afternoon was only just beginning.

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