Friday, 27 May 2016

SEX BY NUMBERS (more than just a summer holiday read)

"Waking up isn't always's especially unpleasant if you are not aware that you've been sleeping. Sometimes, you've been asleep for years and not even  realized...and while you've snored and snoozed your way through your existence, in that moment when you blink your way back to consciousness, you realize that everything has changed.

This is the dilemma that faces Lucie Maddox when she finally wakes up. What she thought was right and true when she went to sleep twenty eight years ago, is no longer right and true. The rules have changed and are encapsulated in her hubby’s statement…

“Sorry Lucie, it isn’t working.”

Those five words are the catalyst propelling the narrative into action. Nothing will ever be the same...everything has changed.

It's "appearance and reality" in all its mucky action. How our lives appear to be and how they really are.

Lucie is a survivor, she has to change, she has to grow...her marriage has died because of sex and she finds her way to her new, improved life through sex...dirty magazines, Internet porn, Internet dating...Sex By Numbers is a book infused with hot sex, from pretty much the first page. If you are looking for exceptional erotica, you'll find it here.

It takes adroit, astute writers to dwell on such acute themes but Francis Potts and Nico Maeckelberghe handle their narrative with an effortless, easy confidence. They show a fondness for their characters, teasing them tenderly. I laughed out loud on more than one occasion as Lucie claws and clambers her way out of the emotional carnage of her  wrecked marriage.

Lucie's dilemma is one that many of us have is of our time. Her bid for freedom, isn't just one of cutting loose from a marriage that has died, months, years ago, it is a bid for freedom from convention...the tight, suffocating hegemony that is in place, for no apparent reason, other than that it is how it always has been done and will be done until hell freezes over.

I think that Sex by Numbers is more than a light hearted holiday read...I think that Nico Maeckelberghe and Francis Potts are saying a lot about the times we live in, our sexuality, our sexual orientation...and now, at last, in 2016, is the time to finally celebrate sex and our fantasies in all their  wonderful dimensions and above guilt free."

Sex by numbers is at Amazon UK and at Amazon US  

Francis Potts is @FrancisPotts at Twitter

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