Friday, 13 May 2016

MILK MAID, erotic lactation fetish

The breasts, particularly the nipples are highly erogenous zones for both men and women. Stimulation of the breasts and nipples form an essential part of sexual foreplay for both sexes. But in women, the breasts are also there for the purpose of suckling an infant, the process of feeding a baby for the first few months of its life.

The breasts of a female produce milk and for some, form part of a fetish, or paraphilia, known as erotic lactation fetish and going on the stories I find on the Web there are helluva a lot of people playing around with the fantasy of suckling; both in the giving and receiving of a partner’s breast milk.

Erotic lactation can be part of a BDSM scenario. A submissive woman may be ordered by her Dominant partner to be milked in the same way that a cow may be milked, thus reducing her to the level of an animal. And as with any Dominant/submissive relationship, it may be the submissive who is controlling the events. It may be that her own humiliation is part of the scenario. Her desires, and the acting out of the play itself satisfies sexual desires.

A scenario I come across frequently, is that of combining an infantilism fetish with that of lactation fetish. A man or woman has a desire to be treated as a baby. This may mean wearing diapers, defecating and urinating and having to be cared for, bathed and changed. And for some, a total return to infancy, which will include suckling from the breast.

On the other hand, erotic lactation may have nothing to do with infantilism. It can be that one or both participants get off on suckling from the breast, or being suckled.

Much has been written about children’s psychosexual development from Sigmund Freud onwards…but I don’t believe that anyone really knows for sure as to why either infantilism or erotic lactation fetish occurs.

I read a lot of erotica, but I have not found anything delving into erotic lactation in fiction.

 And so I made up my own tales.

The adult Joel is on a desperate quest to find a “mommy”. Joel wants to be twelve years old; he also wants a mommy and is lucky enough to find his ideal partner in Sally.

In “Will you be my Mommy?” Sally hints to the reader that she plans to initiate breast feeding Joel – she has already hinted that she loves to have her nipples sucked and bitten. In the follow up tale, “I’m sorry Mommy”, Joel and Sally are now lovers; lovers that act out the mother and son fetish absolutely seriously. They also have mind blowing sex within the framework of erotic lactation, which concludes with Joel suckling milk from Sally’s breast.

I am planning to bring out these two stories, later in the year, in a single volume.

Research on the Web informs that it is possible to induce lactation without a woman being pregnant, through routinely massaging the breasts and nipples, by persistent suckling and/or by use of hormones. I am reliably informed that the persistent and continued use of a breast pump, has a pretty good chance of inducing lactation.

Here is a comment from a guy who schedules his day and night time routine around his wife’s production of milk.

“I’m in an ANR (Adult Nursing Relationship). There is no Infantilism involved. My wife loves it…it was she who instigated it. It took some time for the milk to flow, but practicing was fun. Now I feed daily, in the morning and in the evening and she pumps when I am not there. It is highly erotic, but more than that, feeding from her brings a closeness that we both love. It is impossible to argue, or be distant, when your daily routine involves such intimacy. We both love it and I cannot see it ever stopping. I’m not sure how common this is but probably it’s more than people assume. Believe me, there is no more beautiful sight than my wife, leaking milk and begging to be suckled.”

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