Friday, 24 September 2010


I am giddy with excitement and have a silly smile on my face! My book, FETISH WORSHIP is out, with SIZZLER RENAISSANCE

Here's the introduction;

The stories in this startling collection grew out of the author's fascination with fetish. For instance, the obsession that some folk have for feet. A different object might do it for someone else, as with the woman in "La Petite Danseuse." There's a woman being gently pointed in the direction of slavery by a wise boyfriend. There are knowing Mistresses and their willing male submissives. There's a strong, gorgeous man going slowly crazy with his need to be a Mommy's boy. A woman on the receiving end of a dirty phone call takes control. You'll also find exhibitionists and voyeurs, plus the humorous result of a Halloween prank. Finally there's a retelling of an ancient Greek myth centred around a very special bull. The author says, "My understanding has deepened through writing these stories. I've talked to people who have had their lives changed for the better, when they have finally embraced their fetish."


  1. Sounds cool! Hope it does well.

  2. Congratulations, sweetie! It's a truly wonderful book!

  3. Thank you both so much -- friends have always told me I have a dirty mind -- the book proves it! I hope folk who read the stories, have as much fun as I did writing them!

  4. Oh congratulations! It's a momentous event in a writer's life, seeing their book come into being!