Friday, 2 July 2010


Out soon BEST S/M EROTICA Vol 3! Keep your eyes on this space for release dates -- great erotica from a bunch of great writers! There's even a story by little me!

It's published by Logical Lust

Welcome to Best S/M Erotica Vol 3: Still More Extreme Stories of Still More Extreme Sex!
In these pages you'll find light stories, dark stories, powerful stories, subtle stories, fierce stories, and even romantic stories – but all of them dealing with the basic idea of consensually giving up, or taking, sexual power and control.

If you've only been interested in what S/M is and can be, or if you’re an old hand to the scene, these stories will open doors to unexplored sexual and sensual worlds, expand your erotic horizons to new and maybe even challenging new ways of looking at, and experiencing, sex play.

Featuring Stories By:

PM White

Sharon Wachsler


Jean Roberta

Jason Rubis

Shanna Germain

Cecilia Tan

Xan West

Craig J. Sorensen

Ralph Greco, Jr.

Theda Hudson

Jerry Rosen

Jan Vander Laenen

Mykola Dementiuk

Jude Mason


Oatmeal Girl


  1. You are so much more contained about it than I am. I suppose I'll become more blasé after a while...

  2. I'm not contained OG -- really I'm not!! I just can't quite believe it! That people would want to read something I've written! And think it's worth publishing!

    I'm walking around the house with a big, silly grin on my face!

  3. Thank you so much, Fulani! Honestly, from the silly grin I've got on my face, you'd think I'd won the Nobel prize for literature!

    But it is so cool!

  4. Oh congratulations! I'm so pleased for you! And you are up there with some great erotica writers!

    Tell us more about your story!

  5. It's a FEM/dom story, Janine and involves a dirty phone call...

  6. Making notes. A dirty phone call, eh. From experience, no doubt.

    Ducking and running.