Thursday, 24 September 2009


A huge round of applause for the wonderfully, delicious Kelly Osbourne! She’s not the only one who’s fed up with emaciated girls, being held up as icons we should all aspire to.

I’ve nothing against girls who are naturally skinny -- in fact at the age of 17, I weighed all of 98 pounds! I just couldn’t put on weight. I could eat and eat, and didn’t put a pound on. I remember when I was around 14, my mum fed me a concoction of malt and cod liver oil. It was supposed to make me gain weight. It was revolting. It stuck in the back of my throat and make me retch. And still I never put on a pound. To this day I can’t stand the taste of malt and as for cod liver oil -- well…

It’s all changed now, of course. The pounds have gone on. I weigh in at 140 pounds. I wouldn’t mind losing a bit, but I’m not going to make myself miserable about it.

So, yes, lets hear it for Kelly. Here’s what she says.

“I just get depressed in Los Angeles. Because I’m not a size zero and tanned and blonde I get scrutinised. But I wouldn’t want to be so skinny. I feel sorry for the girls who aspire to be size zero. It’s okay to be different. I don’t understand why everyone is so obsessed with making themselves a clone. Everyone has become a sheep. These girls don’t eat, stick their fingers down their throats and do loads of speed - they’re killing themselves and for what? Their own vanity! It’s sad. I don’t think there’s anything trendy about looking like you’ve just come out of Auschwitz.”

Bloody well said, girl!

And then there are those who should know better. At age 35, Victoria Beckham, with her skinny little body, looks ridiculous. What looks fey and ethereal, at 17, looks so very wrong in your mid-thirties. Victoria’s body looks out of proportion -- nothing short of silly. Her tiny body has the effect of making her head look enormous. I can’t see anything attractive about Victoria’s look. To me she looks grotesque -- like a mutant insect, with a bad dose of radiation sickness.

All around me I see women of my age, in our middle years, frantically dieting and frankly, looking ill. It’s a look to shun, not to embrace.


  1. Billie,

    Well said and I couldn't agree with you, and Kelly Osborne, more. (She's adorable, by the way) Add that most men are attracted to women who have a few curves and what does this say? Someone, and I wish I knew who, has decided sex appeal is a bad thing.


  2. Thanks Jude. And yes, what is attractive about being bone thin? A woman I know -- she's in her mid-forties, has dieted to around 98 pounds. She looks ill -- her look is also embarrassing. She favours cropped blouses and skinny jeans, which are cut so low over her hips -- well it's not a good look. She had breasts before she dieted -- they've shrunk to nothing.

    This woman is a trained nurse -- you'd think she'd know better.

    Hugs. billierosie

  3. Yep.

    Yet although I agree with every word you say, I still want to lose another 10 lb. Body-image is a game women can't win. Health v sexiness v comfort v love of food v biological programming to store fat ...

    (145 lbs)

  4. Thanks Janine. Yes. Health and body image are issues. I would like to lose 8 lbs -- my knees creak. Poor knees, such a silly joint carrying all that weight.