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I am absolutely thrilled that my book Rebellious Slave is doing so well! Sales are great and it has been voted to the number one spot of seven Goodreads' Bondage,BDSM lists! That's real readers voting, not just people in the industry! Real readers -- that means so much to me!

FEM/DOM; a new FEM/DOM tale from billierosie. Adultery. Reuben’s crime. Mistress Melissa ponders punitive measures. A shocking story, delving into the world of Female Domination and the devoted males who submit to them.

Only men who are truly submissive really understand the world of Female Domination. I’m not talking about women running the world, although sometimes I think that women would make a pretty good job of it; at least equal to the men who predominantly run the world. I’m talking about a man’s need for the woman in his life to be in control of the relationship. Mark Remond has written extensively about it in his book, “Worshipping Your Wife.” The idea is for a wife to be absolutely in control, particularly in terms of sexuality. Her spouse is the submissive male who follows this ethos faithfully, he is even forbidden orgasm….until his Dominant Woman permits.

I’m talking about identity here; sexual orientation.

And the amount of erotica written with FEM/DOM as a central theme is significant. For some it remains a delicious fantasy, for others, just a game, maybe played out at the weekend. For many it is an absolute; a lifestyle.

My new book is a FEM/DOM tale. “Rebellious Slave” It’s a long short story. Here’s a taster.

“Six steps across the cold, rough concrete; six steps back again. The naked male paces steadily, slowly. There is no variation in the routine; this is what he does to pass the time; the endless hours of his incarceration.
He is broad of shoulder, with clearly defined abdominal muscles and pectorals. He stands still for a moment, listening, his head tilted to one side, his body tense. A viewer, a voyeur, would think of a large alert dog or a wolf. The same voyeur would notice the heavy testicles and flaccid cock. He is beautiful in his nudity. His lean muscular frame, indicates an athlete, perhaps a swimmer.
Sometimes, the naked male wonders how long he has been incarcerated for. There is no indicator to inform him of the passing of time in this dark place. He presses his two fingers to the pulse point in his wrist. His knows that his resting heart rate is around fifty beats a minute; three thousand beats will mean that one hour has passed. When he’d worked the algorithm out he’d allowed himself a little thrill of success; a celebration of victory.
They had not beaten him yet.”

So what’s going on here? Why is the male naked? Why is he incarcerated? Why the manacles and chains. What is his crime?

‘Book Snob’ reviews Rebellious Slave at Amazon…

“Billierosie might just be one of my new favorite authors. I picked up this novella since it's erotica that doesn't have a woman as a submissive. It's ironic that in this day and age - 2014 - 21st century - that women are STILL being pushed into submission, so when I read that this had male slaves, it intrigued me. Although it's limited in it the sex it has, it's very well written. I don’t know how ’50 SoG became so popular with the garbage that it is. Some people need to learn that numerous sex acts isn't as good or important as the QUALITY of the sex acts, and that throwing around certain words or phrases don't necessarily make for a good read (unless you're a bored and horny housewife then anything will turn you on...and that's sad). Moving on...

In the world of the Coterie women are Dominants, and they have submissives of both genders. Men aren't "alphas", ego-maniacal, trying to push women down, or any of that crap. They serve their Mistresses, and do so willingly and happily (where do I sign up for this?!?!).

All except Reuben who had one moment of weakness with a female slave whose name he didn't even know. As punishment, Reuben is chained, naked, in a cage with only water and a chamber pot.

His Mistress and her friend, the head of the Coterie, have a discussion of what to do with him and come to the conclusion to sell him, though deep inside he longs for his Mistress's return.

What I like about this (other than the aforementioned) is that there is true devotion to the women. It's not ownership of her soul, it's giving over his. Billierosie is articulate, descriptive, and not shy about words and phrases that Americans are. It's such a shame that we claim to be such a liberal nation, yet it's UK writers that are so female friendly and well spoken.

Also, kudos to not having some idiot with 6-pack abs on the cover just to sell a book. The art on Billierosie's cover is a direct reflection of the art in her words on the page...

There were some things mentioned that weren't necessarily a turn on, but just the fact that they were mentioned at all was what I enjoyed.

The only thing I didn't like was that it was too short! I would have loved for this to have been a full length novel instead of a novella. However, I will definitely be reading more from this author!”

Here is Karl Wiggins’ review…

I don't know what it takes for a book to become a bestseller. I don't know how '50 Shades of Grey' ever became so popular. My wife said it was crap. And judging by the 6363 one Star reviews it's received in America alone, there are at least 6363 people who agree with her.

Rebellious Slave is much, much better. For starters the writing's far superior, and there's actually a plot. Billierosie has created an excellent piece of fiction here, tipping the whole theme of the dominatrix on its head and taking it to the extreme. And bizarrely I loved it!

Not since `Venus in Furs' has the sadomasochistic role of the female dominant / submissive male been explored so eloquently, for this male is unconditionally accommodating. There's no switch here, nor any hint of it. The male is totally submissive, spending his whole life in sexual servitude.

A top read!

"Strike dear Mistress and cure his heart"

And a review from Max…

Right from the start we are confronted with imprisonment. And everything that is imprisoned yearns to be free. Billierosie sets the stage and then delivers on the story of a man whose passion exceeds his captivity, and whose bondage is only a mechanism for expressing his desires. Depth of character and steady writing captures the audience's attention and brings a world of BDSM alive. Well done! Definitely worth the read! If only it was a bit longer to explore all the possibilities presented by the author.

And here is Danny Jones’ review…

I don't care how you label it I say this one is a Keeper. I jumped in with both feet and never looked back. A real one-session read. I could not put it down. Rebellious Slave by Billierosie reads like a fast paced adventure novel. I would give Rebellious SLAVE 6 Stars if I could!! Not a big fan of gratuitous erotica, I found this read action packed with well-placed glimpses of fem/dom. A must read for the curious and the connoisseur alike, The story is masterfully written and executed like only Billierosie can do. I recommend this book to everyone. Although titillating and provocative at times I did not find this story salacious in any way.

Rebellious Slave is available for your Ereader and in paperback, if like me you still prefer to turn the pages of a real book, at Amazon UK

And Amazon US.

You can read the introduction to Worshipping Your Wife here.

Mark Remond, the author is @markremond at Twitter. Thanks to Francis Potts for helping me with the upload to KDP and for creating the cover image.


  1. An intriguing taster. By the sounds of the punishment, I hope it is for more, than not doing the washing up ;)
    Sets the mood and tone very well in a short space of time... very good :)